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Ear thremometer SH-173

SH-173 Ear thremometer

Model: SH-173
Brand: ShuangHe
Samples / Spot:Spot, can be customized

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Model: SH-173
Size: 135x40 (mm)
Material: ABS
Product Features:
1) Temperature Range: 34.0 ℃ -44.0 ℃
2) Accuracy: ± 0.2 ℃
3) Resolution: ± 0.1 ℃
4) Tone: Off, the measurement is completed, and low power and other tones.
5) Unit: Celsius or Fahrenheit
6) Power life: 4000
7) alkaline batteries: two AAA batteries
8) Every time replace a new disposable probe
9) Memory: 10 times
10) Each product is equipped with a box of free probe, a box of 20, for additional purchase, a box of three yuan
11) Product Weight: 75 grams (including battery)
12) Product size: 134 * 70 * 34MM
13) Certification: ISO / CE / FDA

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